Package & Storage


In a shipping company, the terms "Package & Storage" refer to the handling of packages and the storage of goods within their logistics and shipping operations. Let's explore each aspect:

Package Handling

Package handling involves the careful and efficient management of individual packages or parcels that need to be shipped to various destinations. This process typically includes the following steps:


Packages are received at the shipping company’s facility from various sources, such as customers, suppliers, or other carriers.


The packages are sorted based on their destination or shipping method, ensuring that they are directed to the correct transportation routes.


If necessary, the shipping company may provide packing services to ensure that the packages are properly packed and protected for their journey.

Labeling and Documentation:

Each package is labeled with the necessary shipping information, such as destination address, tracking number, and other relevant details. Documentation is prepared for customs and shipping purposes.


The packages are loaded onto the appropriate transportation mode, such as trucks, ships, or planes, depending on the shipping requirements.


Throughout the shipping process, the packages are tracked using tracking systems to provide real-time updates to customers and ensure their secure delivery.

Storage (Warehousing)

Storage or warehousing is a critical aspect of a shipping company's logistics infrastructure. It involves the safe and organized storage of goods before they are shipped or distributed to their final destinations. Key components of storage in a shipping company include:

Inventory Management:

Goods are received into the warehouse and recorded in the company’s inventory management system. This allows for accurate tracking of stock levels and helps ensure sufficient stock for order fulfillment.


The warehouse is organized in a way that optimizes space and facilitates easy access to stored items. Proper shelving, palletization, and labeling systems are often used.


Warehouses have security measures in place to protect stored goods from theft or damage. This may include surveillance cameras, access control, and security personnel.


When orders are received, the warehouse staff pick the items from the inventory, pack them into individual packages, and prepare them for shipping.


In some cases, the shipping company’s warehouse may function as a distribution center, consolidating shipments and sending them out to various locations efficiently.

By effectively managing both package handling and storage operations, a shipping company can ensure smooth logistics operations, timely deliveries, and customer satisfaction. The integration of these processes is crucial to providing efficient shipping services to businesses and individuals.